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Tell That To Rolex

“What can we as an industry do to make Oriental Rugs special?” In the not so distant past, to buy and own a quality Oriental Area Rug was a sign of status. In 1985, Steve ran an ad in Lawyers Weekly with the headline; “CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE” The copy went on to say that if your [...]

Rug Shopping of Today-”The Rug Wall”

We were looking around the store one day and wondered if there was a way to use wall space to showcase rugs? The shopping of the past consisted more of flipping through piles and piles of rugs and trying to find one that fit perfectly for your room. Now we have come up with the [...]

PRG Launch

Welcome to the launch of the Persian Rug Gallery blog.  Our goals for this blog are to inform our clients about what is going on at PRG as well as trends and information from the world of rugs, cleaning restoration and interior design.  We are open to comments, questions, and suggestions so please comment, email [...]

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