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Regular cleaning of any fine Oriental or area rug is essential for it to maintain its beauty and value for generations, and just as creation of a fine rug takes time and expertise, so does cleaning it.

At Persian Rug Galleries, we put a lot of time and care into cleaning each rug entrusted to us, and our methods are rooted in time-honored traditions still followed in many parts of the world – beaten, washed and combed by hand, and then air dried. Yes, we use the most modern of tools when appropriate – but never at the expense of saving time or forgetting careful attention to detail.

Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Not everyone can do this, which is one of the reasons why we have our own rug-cleaning department, and why many other dealers send rugs to us for cleaning. They trust us, and so can you.

Many of our customers and other dealers also trust Persian Rug Gallery for expert repairs of their rugs. Whether the damage is to the fringe or to the field of the rug, if it’s repairable to your satisfaction, we’ll tell you so, and then do the necessary work.


You should also see us for short or long-term storage for your fine Oriental and area rugs. We store them the proper way – rolled in paper shelved in a secure, temperature-controlled space.


If you would like additional information about cleaning, repairs or storage, please feel free to call us. You can also begin the process online, and get a brochure that thoroughly explains cleaning, home care, repairs and storage.



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