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All rugs need cleaning and repair from time to time, but some rugs need major restoration.  PRG owns a factory in Turkey that employs almost 70 weavers whose job is to restore antique rugs, investment quality rugs, or high end damaged rugs to their original look and feel.  The artisans at the factory are masters at matching color, re-weaving or re-knapping holes, and restoring ends and edges to the original look and feel.

These are high skill, high labor repairs, that if they were done in this country would be not worth doing.  Because we work out of Turkey, a major restoration can be affordable, and save a rug that is irreplaceable.  Antique and old rugs are dying off.  Past generations felt rugs would last forever, even if you do not take care of them, and what we have learned is that is not true.  Certain rugs are so rare, collectible, or valuable that we need restoration to keep them alive and remain collectible and valuable forever.

PRG will look at any damaged rug, establish what the market and replacement value is before and after the restoration and walk the client through all the steps taken to assure them they are getting the best work possible.  Just like repairs, you can email us photos and we can evaluate your rug, before you ever bring it in the store.


Before Oriental Rug Restoration


Area Rug Restoration

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