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Another very important step to maintaining a rugs beauty and value is proper storage when that rug is not being used. It is very common to find out our clients have rugs in their attic and basement, rolled, maybe wrapped in plastic, maybe not wrapped at all.  It then becomes a shock when moth is found in the rug, dry rot, mold, major creases, and sometimes even small critters will use an old rug as a nest. In Many cases the rug is old, and has very little value, so this is not the end of the world, but sometimes a beautiful antique or family heirloom can be ruined by improper storage. This can be heart breaking.

All stored rugs should be wrapped properly for storage in brown paper or breathable synthetic paper.  The rugs should be moth treated, and stored in a cool dry area.  PRG offers moth treatment, wrapping for short and long term storage as well as on site storage for a fee.  One benefit of having PRG store your rugs is they will be opened, inspected, and vacuumed twice a year.  Our storage is covered by insurance and is temperature and climate controlled.  Please e-mail or call if you would like more information on storing rugs or our on site storage.

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